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Biz Class to Paris

Biz Class to Paris



Long story short I always imagined myself flying upper class to Europe, and as I packed my bags for my red eye to Paris, the opportunity fell right into my inbox. I was emailed a "discovery" offer a few hours before my flight; I later learned this is a one-time deal for new Air France customers. The power of manifestation is real my friends :)


  • What I paid - $785.16/RT on 02/03/16 to Athens, Greece + $430/upgrade day of departure to Paris, France (layover) = $1,215.16/total on flights


  • The full description of flight amenities here

  • Priority access to security check point and boarding gate aka Sky Priority at departing airport

  • Personal video screen + complimentary entertainment

  • Free checked bag

  • Coat/bag check on board

  • Welcome glass of wine/champagne selection + complimentary refills

  • Complimentary travel kit with toiletries and other accessories

  • A chair that ALMOST folds flat into a bed/pillow/blanket = better sleep

  • Three-course dinner

  • Five-star customer service

  • Hot breakfast in the morning

  • Private bathroom for our section, which also included a shower

  • Total privacy


  • Definitely more expensive than your average round trip flight

  • Not super fun if you can't sit next to someone you're traveling with like if you buy your ticket or upgrade alone (I met my cousin in Paris as she was flying in from Spain)

  • First timers may be confused how everything works (I didn't know how fancy worked at first)


  • To avoid paying full price, look out for upgrades day of departure as the savings are significant

  • I recommend it's worth it for evening flights especially if you're jumping into your trip straight away rather than hitting the hotel after you land, like how I slept in the Athens airport the following evening (not so fancy)

  • Upgrades were offered on my flight home for about $500, it would have been ideal, but I had a day flight so I didn't see it totally necessary and I also wanted to experience a flight that long in coach to better write this review

  • First / business class options aren't necessarily worth it on every flight, for example, Paris to Athens, because domestic flights are generally pretty short

  • Would I do it again, 100% if I could get a deal or someone wanted to buy it for me

  • You should do it at least once in your traveling days, it's all about the experience

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