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Biz Class on British Airways vs. Air France

Biz Class on British Airways vs. Air France



Fine I will admit that I’m a sucker for an international upgrade. Although it’s been nearly three years since I flew business class on Air France, I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison because I recently flew British Airways to London for the first time.


  • I paid $669.69 on December 22 for a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Nice, France + $1,050 upgrade day of departure to my layover in London for a grand total of $1,719.69 spent on my flights

  • Based off of my research, business class seats usually run around $11,047 one way from Los Angeles to London on British Airways and first class goes for around $13,247 in case you were curious

  • Approximate savings: $9,327.31 though it’s hard to pinpoint the dollar directly since there were other flights involved, regardless of what it is exactly, it’s safe to say I saved some moolah


  • For starters the British accent is far easier to understand and they say some very cute things like how they’re so proud they could look after us on our journey *heart melting* but there’s something about the French language that tickles me every time I hear it like I can’t stop saying merci et bon voyage

  • The seats are more pod like on British Airways, which means more privacy which mama likey

  • Maybe it’s just me but I felt like the beds on British Airways went more flat than they did on Air France

  • Air France had a far better cheese selection as you can imagine

  • In my experience Air France offers cheaper upgrades regardless of the deal I received, as I recall the way home was only $500 to move up to business class and on my flight home from London it was $1,350 (I chose to keep my economy seats on both of those flights)

  • I feel like the vibe overall on British Airways was less pretentious which I appreciate x1000 because I felt some slight judgement on my Air France flight

  • The service on British Airways was lovely but the service on Air France was exceptional


  • The amount of money you can save when comparing an OG upper class ticket to an upgrade is amazing. I know this for a fact because these seats always spark my curiosity when I’m booking international travel. I learned on my way home that upgrades must be finalized at least one hour to departure so definitely check online or as soon as you arrive at the airport if you’re curious

  • Also use all the perks when you do upgrade, you’re paying for them right? Go to the lounge before your flight, drink the complimentary champagne, watch the movies and shows, etc.

  • If you can’t get a window seat on British Airways then I don’t think it’s worth the extra money because if you’re in the aisle then one whole side of you will be exposed which is not chill if you’re trying to sleep, for me at least. I was actually meant to have an aisle seat and they were able to move me to a window at the last minute since that passenger took another flight. I would have been mortified spending that much for less privacy

  • The only major complaint I have about my flight to London was being so close to the service station, it made it difficult for me to fall asleep and stay asleep because of all the noise of the attendants coming in and out. Really out of my hands though especially when upgrading day of, can’t count on variety so I would personally double check your seat location before making a final decision

  • If you’re not ready to take the leap on an upgrade and happen to have some dietary restrictions like I do, make sure you select your meal preference at least 12 hours before your flight if you’re riding in economy. Fortunately I was scanning my trip details after checking in since I had never flown British Airways before and came across an option to request a vegan meal free of charge. I’m so happy I did this because someone behind me was confused why there weren’t any vegan options and the attendant explained that it must be pre-selected otherwise you get what’s left and the only thing they had left was chicken. They do offer veggie options however if they run out by the time they reach you then you’re out of luck

  • I also just want to say that the service in economy on British Airways wasn’t the best and that was disappointing because regardless of what class you fly you shouldn’t be snapped at by an attendant because you asked for a pen or have to hold your garbage for over an hour because no one is collecting until the next snack or meal. It wasn’t like that on Air France, if anything I was treated better in economy lol


  • Overall I preferred the set up on British Airways however Air France will always have a special place in my heart. Next time I upgrade will depend on the circumstances when I reach my final destination and if I’m so excited about the idea of it that I simply can’t resist

  • To close I would like to address a couple of comments that were made to me by some light acquaintances after I posted a video of me on my flight to London. They were along the lines of how I’m “money bags” now and I just want to say that it’s not necessarily the case. I’m on a very middle class salary that you would imagine any early 20 something year old might be on I simply choose to spend my money on experiences and luxury travel is one of my favorite kind! The only point to me clearing this up is so that anyone reading this can see that millionaires and celebrities aren’t the only ones that fly fancy ;)

  • Next goal is to jump on a PJ (private jet) I think this is a great place to put that out in the universe



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