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Now that I’ve fully recovered from weekend 1 I’m ready to share my experiences, why I think VIP is worth the price tag, and my thoughts on Revolve Festival!


Obviously an Artist wristband is everyone’s ideal festival experience but if you don’t have the connect then here are my pros to buying VIP and why I think it’s worth every penny:


» Separate entrances equals less walking
» Diverse variety of food options especially for vegetarians and vegans yay
» Actual places to sit as you can see pictured above my angel baby partner in crime Elena aka @lenahikaru on the orange sofa
» Perfect view of Coachella Stage like you don’t even have to leave VIP to enjoy
» Non vendor charging stations for all sorts of batteries
» No one will try to talk to you there unless they know you, every time I went into GA I was either shoulder checked or asked to take a picture for someone lol
» Chill vibe overall due to the fact that there’s not nearly as many people


Fun fact buying VIP doesn’t have to break your bank if you buy them on pre-sale because you can opt into a payment plan!

» They go on sale June 1
» You make 7 payments
» This works out to be around $143 a month
» Which is just about $1,000 in the end

I personally recommend buying at least two though because everyone likes to go last minute so better to be that bestie that plans ahead (me every time) than risking going solo or even worse trying to crash another group.



After we spent all morning poolside and our afternoon party hopping we eventually made our way to the grounds around sunset for Rufus du Sol which was amazing, I would love to see them in the sunshine one day. We also popped in for DJ Snake, Childish Gambino and Kayzo, which was all very random and fun.



I attended on Saturday and the party that evening with my beautiful blogger friend Heather aka @heather_roams as her plus one. I didn’t make it to Coachella on this day as Revolve is easily a full day of hangs, and I wasn’t mad about it.


Things I loved:
» Running into people I used to know
» Fun freebies like Quay sunnies and wine
» Seeing 2chainz was sick
» Seeing Tyga rap Rack City at the after party was also sick

Things I didn’t love:
» Going in the middle of the day because too hot
» Long lines to take a picture (this is why I don’t have any of my face here)
» Cowboy trying to grind on me during Tyga
» Everyone takes the same photos there so cropping people out of the shot as the photog was a challenge and tbh all the photo stuff is just slightly overwhelming in general since everything you do is really just for the gram vs living in the moment



No parties today, but more poolside hangs before we checked out of our Airbnb in Palm Springs. We got to the festival in the afternoon, watched random people like Dennis Lloyd and took pictures before it got packed. I ended up staying much later than I had anticipated, didn’t get home until 2:00AM and then went to work the next day. It was brutal but I’m happy I stayed, next year I will take Monday off and not drive back to LA on Sunday.



All of my lovely film memories are brought to you by my Joymode membership which is a subscription service I have been using for the last couple of years. They help you get creative with specially curated bundles that bring more fun to our lives and for real that’s all I’m trying to do right now is have fun. I chose the Festival Photography bundle for this lil desert trip because I like to get real silly when a film cam is out and I knew we would be running around at night. It came with a nice black case which matched my aesthetic everywhere I went and made it so my hands weren’t full. I get to give you your first month free so if you’re intrigued click HERE babes.

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Biz Class on British Airways vs. Air France