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Watching Movies in LA

Watching Movies in LA


You gotta show a movie at a party it's a Hollywood law
Singing in the Rain

Believe it or not, Park City is not the only place to see good films ;)
This is my personal list of the ultimate movie experiences in Los Angeles, big shout out to all my dates aka the best friends ever for letting me convince them to come to all of these with me. I've learned that you can go back to the same place a thousand times and every time will be exciting in new ways depending on who you go with, and that's my favorite part.


I have done a handful of these over the last two years and hands down my two favorites are
Street Food Cinema and Cinespia.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery is pure magic, I went for the first time in nearly three years of living in LA. Fun fact I actually went to Cinespia's movie palace in DTLA within three months of moving here. I was fresh off an intro to cinema class in college so naturally all my dreams were coming true. First time at the cemetery, our movie ended up selling out which made it challenging to find a place to sit but I will say that was the only bummer because everything else was amazing. Even though we had to sit back on the other side of the walking path, we were surrounded by people with good vibes and honestly how can you be in a bad mood when Almost Famous is playing.
(One of my favorite films of all time)




Street Food Cinema is usually a little less chaotic, still massive but they always change their venues up and they organize the seating a little differently so I have yet to have an issue finding a place to sit here. The music is always on point, they bring in a variety of food trucks including plant-based options for us veggie heads and they host a fun game involving the whole audience right before the movie starts. SFC is in other cities too like San Diego and Phoenix so you don't necessarily need to be in LA for this movie night.

I can't recommend Cinespia and SFC enough, they're both great. This is one of my favorite ways to watch movies because it's the perfect excuse to set up a romantic little picnic with your friends and your lovers. If you're not a fan of food trucks or their lines then get creative with your own big screen munchies! 



I discovered this last summer, and it reminded me of a mini-Sundance. They bring a handful of films from the festival to LA while also throwing in live music and a vendor village to enjoy in between showings. I'm not entirely certain this thing happens every year but here's to hoping it does because I need something to hold me over until I head back to Park City!


First of all it's actually very challenging taking photos in a movie theater because you're not really meant to, but still worth mentioning even without a visual. iPic is like the glamping of movie watching; you settle into these plush leather seats that recline, you're given a blanket and complimentary popcorn to start and warm chocolate chip cookies at the end. On top of that you have table side service for all of your food and beverage cravings. They show a limited number of films here at once so it's not a place I frequent but it's always a treat when I do. This is another experience that isn't exclusive to LA, they have several theaters all around. If you're wondering why I chose Westwood over Pasadena, I think Westwood feels more elegant, it's very five star hotel vibes.



This is another open-air experience but I felt it deserved its own category since it's on a much smaller scale and instead of being on the ground you're on a rooftop! I discovered this while living in Hollywood and have honestly wanted to go back ever since which I did for Pretty Woman! It's so different from the romantic picnic on the grass, because everything is provided for you here from your chair to a blanket all while enjoying a city view and fresh popcorn. There are a handful of companies doing this now but RCC is my favorite, you can also enjoy them in NYC and even London. After watching their promo video, which they show before the movie starts, I really want to visit all of them now!



Joymode is all about doing more and owning less!
I moved away from my apartment in the city last summer and couldn't help but throw myself a moving party. Everyone knows that one of my favorite things to do is watch movies, hence why I'm writing this post, so naturally I threw my friends and I a movie night on my rooftop and this is how it went down.


First of all, I always forget how crazy hosting is, I have this romanticized vision of how the evening will pan out and it's usually everything but that. I'm learning that's the fun part though, good company is really what it's all about. I invited people that had at least one mutual connection with someone else going, bringing together all of these creatives! The people that didn't know each other at first, walked away wanting to connect with one another. I tend to worry that certain friends won't get along with other friends but in the end, you don't know until you try right?

Joymode made hosting a breeze.
It's very user-friendly I didn't even need to read instructions for the screen or the projector and I set everything up by myself in about an hour. The best part is they deliver AND pick everything up at the end, not only that but they're super flexible with the date and time frame and it's easy to extend your reservation. What's better than delivery? The 24/7 support team that answers emails within minutes. When I was having trouble finding the extension cord I shot off an email and someone replied almost immediately telling me exactly where to look and to let them know if I would need someone that night just in case it wasn't there. Talk about 5-star customer service, it felt like I had a personal concierge in my back pocket.

Needless to say, I will be using Joymode for all of my future party needs, and to be honest I have my eye on the margarita bundle next. Don't take my word for it though, create your own memories, using my referral code you will receive $20.00 off your first reservation. Party on my friends.


Since I'm a seasoned outdoor moviegoer now I thought it would be fun to end this post with the must-have essentials for the perfect open-air movie night:

  • Chair and/or blanket to sit on. I got both of my chairs from Target for around twenty bucks a pop. They're like sweet little Tiffany blue backpacks with a pouch to carry things in and straps to hold them on the back. These are totally multi-use too, when they're not sitting in the grass they're oceanside in the sand

  • Extra blankets for yourself if you're not planning on bringing a chair because it gets cold no matter how hot the day was

  • Favorite socks also meant for staying warm

  • Favorite bottle of whatever, right now California Roots Rose is my go to

  • Lights if you're fancy

  • Table if you're even fancier, we rented ours from Joymode (check out the movie night bundles)

  • Picnic snacks just in case you’re not feeling the food trucks that night

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