My name is Taylor Rae and I have a thing for marketing.

Not only am I a passionate marketer but I also like to think of myself as a true storyteller at heart and all around creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. I began my marketing career in 2012 as a brand ambassador in Seattle, which evolved into field marketing management and led me to content creation and social media marketing along the way.

The events that inspired me most were usually high profile, most notably the 2015 Sundance Film Festival where I helped manage the gifting suite for Eddie Bauer. IN THE FIELD is a visual representation of me onsite, whether it was the brand or the event those are some of my favorite moments to date.

After Sundance I moved to Los Angeles which was a dream and landed my first market management role within two weeks of moving. Since then I have gone from managing myself, to assisting a field marketing manager to becoming a full time field marketing manager on a variety of programs for natural foods and managing my own team of bad ass brand ambassadors.

Now I’m trying to take all of this passion and experience to New York in 2020. In that chapter I hope to learn more about myself, strengthen my skillset, attend a lot of NY feely events and make some friends along the way.

Don’t be shy to learn more and say HELLO.