Lifestyle Managing | Event Production | Content Creation

I have so many ideas that I'm starting to put in motion, and I'm looking forward to sharing them all as they continue to evolve. As I work towards completing my education, I am also striving to become a life coach as I would love to offer a deeper experience to
my current and future clients. 

I am taking on new clients + projects in creative industries.
Don't let the distance stop you, I'm always looking for an excuse to be on the road!



Your one stop shop for all of your executive and personal needs to be met, no task is too small or too big in my eyes. When I started playing around with the idea of lifestyle managing I quickly learned how fulfilling it is to be part of the reason people are feeling so successful in their lives. My clients are constantly sharing with me how productive they feel after a day spent with me, so think of me as the guide to your busy days. With open and clear communication, the results can be endless. 


I've spent the last seven years working full time in event marketing, and after trying anything and everything I am starting to explore my interest in planning them! I am available for full onsite event support including planning, pre + post production, and management.




I have been exploring my interest in content creation more than ever over the last six months, gaining quite a bit of experience filming vlogs for a popular YouTube channel, assisting established social media managers and creating content on my own travel + lifestyle blog!